Founded in 1991, Amcon Fibreglass and Plastic Enginnering Company , as a pioneer and one of the largest manufacturers has been supplying various cutting edge FRP products to our established Asian client base
FRP Cabin and Shelters
FRP Sheets
FRP or GRP Chemical Storage Tank with Fume absorbs
Doors,Frames and Window
STP Package Plant,Septic, Aerobic & Anaerobic Tank
Water Storage FRP,GRP,SMC Panel Sectional Tank
FRP Chimney, Exhaust Duct, Scrubber and Impeller
Civil Engineering
FRP Decorative Moulding for Building
PVC Composite Chemical Tanks
Industrial Application Pollution
Industrial FRP Products
Sewage Treatment Tank
Engineering Products
FRP Doors & Awnings
Fan Casings
Motor Casings
Animated dustbin
Decorative External Cornice
Mixer Settler
FRP Mixer Settler For Liquid Extraction System
Solvent After Settler and Solvent Trap
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